The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

There are many parts of a home that must have regular yearly or seasonal maintenance to remain durable and long lasting. This is especially true of gutters which take a brunt of the punishment a house endures during bad weather. Gutter cleaning is often not on the regular maintenance list but should definitely be included.

Gutters that are not cleaned can damage the structure of a home and create leaks and cracks in the siding of a home. The purpose of gutters is not only to protect the home but also to protect the roof of a home. When debris is left in gutters and the water is pooling around the eaves of a home there can be a tremendous amount of damage done to the home.

Employing a gutter cleaning service on a regular basis provides a home owner with the necessary maintenance but they are not required to keep and store all of the tools, equipment, and materials that are part of gutter cleaning maintenance and upkeep.

The technicians will make recommendations if a spout needs to be replaced or repaired and often have the necessary tools and materials to repair or replace any part of the gutter or spout that is damaged.

Cleaning a gutter as a do it yourself project can be messy and time consuming. One must have a ladder that will reach the gutter and a high pressure hose or other method to remove debris that has collected in the gutter. Prior to starting the project it will be necessary to have a few extra brackets on hand and the necessary tools and screws to install them if needed. This is especially true for vinyl gutters which tend to sag over the years.

Most homes built today have vinyl gutters installed upon completion. These gutters are cost effective but also are not as sturdy as metal gutters. If areas where there are a lot of trees where leaves will build up in the gutter there is often areas where the stress will bend the gutter or pull the bracket away from the eave on which it is attached.

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